Strategic Communication – Contemporary Perspectives

Sharam Alghasi, Ester C. Vanvik, Jens Barland and Jesper Falkheimer (Eds.), 2024, Bokmål


Strategic communication is emerging as a widespread professional field. When communication is strategic, the aim is purposeful impact. In society, politics, civil society and in markets, new techniques and practices are being developed for communication to achieve such impact. Strategic Communication – Contemporary Perspectives explores those changes. In sum, these 10 chapters offer a range of perspectives illustrating contemporary trends in the field of strategic communication.

Researchers at the Department of Communication at Kristiania University College, along with external co-authors, have written this scientific anthology. The target group is research colleagues and others who want to be updated on contemporary trends in strategic communication.

The editors are Professor in Media Sociology Sharam Alghasi, Assistant Professor and PhD Candidate Ester Conings Vanvik, Associate Professor in Communication and Media Management Jens Barland, and Professor II in Strategic Communication Jesper Falkheimer – all staff at the Department of Communication at Kristiania University College.