Research Project Preparation within Education and Special Needs Education

Introduction to Theory of Science, Project Planning and Research Plans

Berit H. Johnsen (Ed.), 2021, Engelsk


This is an Open Access version of a previously published anthology.

Careful planning is a key to quality research. This anthology is addressed to anyone who is in the planning phase of a major study – individually or in national or international cooperation.

The examples discussed concern critical analysis of individually tailored inclusive practices in the community of the class, with a critical view of their successes, shortcomings and obstacles.

The book is divided into four parts: Part One contains a discussion of the international concept of the inclusive school and articles on theory of science. Part Two contains historical and empirical discussions of the emergence, development and current state of doctoral programs. Part Three describes development of research plans, while Part Four consists of research plans in a joint international comparative classroom studies project towards inclusion.

This is the first of three anthologies related to the international comparative research cooperation project WB 04/06: Development towards the Inclusive School: Practices – Research – Capacity Building.