English for Teachers and Learners

Mona Evelyn Flognfeldt og Ragnhild Elisabeth Lund, 2021, Ebok, Engelsk, EPUB3


English for Teachers and Learners is written for teachers and students of English in various teacher education programs. The English teacher’s task is to help pupils develop good communication skills in English, so that they can function well in a world where English skills are needed in a number of different contexts. The goal of this book is to help qualify teachers and students for this task.

The book offers a unified description of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and varieties of English. The study of these four aspects of the language provides students with a broad understanding of language structure, which is a prerequisite for giving systematic and effective language instruction and enabling learners to make good choices. When the students learn about the fundamental components and systems in English, they will also develop an awareness of how other languages are constructed. This will help them use the linguistic diversity of many classrooms as a resource.

This edition is a revision in accordance with the renewed national curriculum, LK20. It includes links to audio material, digital exercises and reflective tasks.